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Default Del Potro doesn't pat the dog. check out his girly WTA push strokes.

Del Potro's racket face isn't as closed as some of the other top guys on his takeback. He uses a more traditional grip and doesn't get into as much of a pat the dog position because his racket face stays a little more open. He has pretty flat strokes and maximum extension.

He still has all the modern upper body rotation and racket head speed on his forehand. He still has that modern finish around his body.

There's a great article on tennis about his forehand. If you're not a member, just go to YouTube type in del potro forehand and I think you'll see what I'm talking about.

Edit: The topic of the thread is a sardonic joke, meant to get people's attention. Maybe it was in bad taste. Yes the thread title is a joke. Read the substance of the first post above.

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