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I have. Track and Field at the college level - distance runs, interval training, ladder training, circuit training, weights, swimming, technique work, etc, etc. Very intense training with top national coaches. Worked to the point of exhaustion/nausea on many occasions.

I was one of the hardest working people on the team, and I was good, but not great. I had teammates who went on to compete at the world-class level. Did they work harder? Do more? Eat better? Have more discipline? No. They had something I didn't and no amount of work was going to get me to that level.
Nice to hear, let me give you a follow up question , not sure what sport you were doing but this will apply " did you 'believe' during that time that you could make it to the highest level or did you have doubts ? "

Also were if any doubts were cause of your results ?
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