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Default FS/FT Wilson 90s, Prince POGs, Head Prestige Classic PC600

I started "collecting" some classic midsize rackets just to play with for fun and see what I liked and now I'm trying to thin out what I have a little bit. Here are the rackets that I have. All ratings are based on TW rating system and explained for each racket.

Rating system found here:

1. Wilson Pro Staff Tour 90 PST90 - 3/8 Grip 6.5/10 $90 OBO
Racket is in great shape but has a little graphite exposed around bumper (Thin line less than 1/8 inch thick) but I do have new grommets (read below). Still has leather grip.

2. Wilson NCode Six-One Tour 90 N90 - 3/8 Grip 7/10 $90 OBO
Racket also still has a small amount of graphite exposed around the bumper but it is in a little better condition than the PST90. Still has leather grip. From what I understand the PST90 grommets should fit this racket as the drill pattern did not change until the K90 came out.

*NOTE* I have two sets of PST90 grommets that I will include with these rackets one for each.

3. Prince Original Graphite 90 POG 90 4 stripe - 3/8 Grip 6/10 $60 OBO
Racket really only shows wear at the top of the bumper which is an odd place if using modern strokes. Racket has a regular grip underneath.

4. Prince Original Graphite Midplus 93 4 stripe - 3/8 Grip 7.5/10 $70 OBO
Racket is in excellent condition there is only one spot of slight wear on paint below the bumper very minimal.

5. Head Prestige Classic 600 - 3/8 Grip 8.5/10 $140 OBO
Racket looks like it has barely been used there is only tiny paint chip that is in a spot that wouldn't have happened from play/abuse. This is one of the Designed in Austria models and still plays and feels great. I added lead tape to move the sweetspot up a little higher but that can easily be removed or kept if you like it.

I am always happy to combine and ship multiple rackets or send any pictures. As far as trading I would be looking for some midsize rackets or any odd/rare/unusual rackets that you may have. For offers and pictures please email.

oorange 614 @ gmail .com (NOTE 2 Os to start email address)
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