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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Oh. ok. got it. no prob.

Do the MTM guys say there's no extension on groundstrokes?
Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
No, so guess he is trying to stir up interest in his thread or demonstrating a lack
on knowledge on MTM.
It depends on the day and their mood. A couple times I've gotten them to admit that their is some extension. Other days you have Limpinhitter calling people flat-earthers or 5163 claiming Robert Landsdorp and John Yandell don't understand the modern game.

With Juniors it a huge problem you see a lot. A lot of juniors just brush the ball with a glancing blow, creating those loopy moonballs and don't hit through the ball enough.

5263 has ruined countless threads. As soon as any wording happens about hitting out towards the target. He shows up and says no that's wrong. There's this new modern way to play where you pull up and across the target line. I personally think this kind of wording confuses people. It results in people finishing across their body without the good extension that should happen before the end of the stroke.

Lately I've been using the term long follow-through, It's a little more vague and amorphous like a lot of the MTM cult language. I'm not sure if the terminology of a long follow through will pass muster with the modern tennis police. We will see.
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