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Originally Posted by PDJ View Post
2 British women competing in semis of slam:
1956: Buxton beat Pat Ward, lost final to Shirley Fry
1960: jones & trueman both reached semis before losing.
1961: Mortimer won final over Trueman
1977: Wade won, Barker lost semi to r/up Stove

US- this is by far the best showing by multiple Brits reaching semi or better. Who'd have known!
1959: Trueman beat Jones in semi, lost final to Bueno
1961: Jones beat Mortimer in semi, losing final to Hard
1963: Deirdre Catt & Jones both lost in semi.
1968: Wade beat Jones in semi, winning title over BJK.

I can find no occasion post 1945 where 2 Brits reached the semi in same year.

NB there are quite a few occasions where a third British woman reached the quarters when 2 others went at least 1 round better.

What I found particularly interesting was how consistent Ann Jones was over her long, and definitely distinguished career. Kudos to her- & I believe deserves a thread!
Best. Paul
True, she was a great champion and the best in the world for years behind the unmatchable trio of Court,Bueno and King Moffit.I think the second half of the 60īs, with Jones, old Mortimer and Truman and emergent Wade were excellent for british tennis, too.

As for men, other than Murray and Henman, one has to dig deep inside the 70īs, with a very good foursome (Taylor,Cox,LLoyd and Mottram) even if they were unable to win a major title.Of those 4, IMO Mark Cox was the better player.He was a clear underachiever, while Taylor achieved a lot more with a lesser game.
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