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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
and the reason he didn't make the pros is ...???
He might have hit too flat, too conservative, meaning too inconsistent, compared to his peers.
My coach emphasized extension in his teaching. He also has modern topspin groundstrokes. Both things are possible. You've been brainwashed by the MTMers LeeD!

Roger Feder best player of all time. Ends countless points with flat penetrating groundies. I personally think all styles can work at the highest of levels. I enjoy watching relatively flat groundstrokes and heavy topspin groundstrokes. I just get annoyed with all the MTM folks ruining these boards, saying there is one approach to modern tennis that works, theirs. How many successful modern players has 5263 developed? Look at coaches like Lansdorp and Macci and Salzenstein that emphasize extension in their teaching. I think they have a good record developing modern players.

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