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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I don't.
Using 11.4 oz LMRAds for 2 years, then Dunlop200's around mid 12's strung, now using 10.2 oz 500's that might weigh 10.7 strung.
Most of my peers at 4.0 don't hit hard. I can crush balls with either light or heavy rackets.
Against the occasional hard ball, what sense is fighting fire with fire? Why not add some spin, some placement, some off pace, to fight against hard hitters? After all, the hard hitters aren't 5.5's, are they? And if they are, what do I care? I"m a 4.0.
But against weak mishits, for me, a lightweight racket is much easier to put away the ball with a clean winner.
Agree with almost everything but for me, the reason why I have an almost 12 oz racquet is to deal with heavy hitters.

My first racquet was also 10.7 ounces (Kfactor 95 team). It served me fine until I tried returning heavy topspin shots from a left handed 1hbh. The racquet was so torsionaly unstable that you really feel the stick getting pushed around.

Don't get me wrong, I actually envy you for riding with a lighter stick. It seems you struck gold with the 500's and they fit your game well. If I ever find a sub 11 oz stick, flexy, with SW of around 325, I'll give it a try.
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