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I've mentioned more than 10 times that I cannot rally as well with the lighter rackets. I just don't hit the same ball when the incoming ball is going at the 5.0 levels. A heavier racket is better, for sure.
But I don't worry too much about rallying. Set play, whether it's for fun or for records, the purpose is to win, and to win, we gotta hit what the other guy doesn't like, not set him up for his favorite shots.
Against a hard hitter in rallying, they want a hard hit ball.
Against a hard hitter in set play, they dread low skidded slices, short angles, and high loopers.
And against soft hitters who slice and dink, misdirect and angle, a light racket, for most players, is easier to hit the countering ball, which often is more of the same against the guy who started the style of play.
I hear ya when you say you would use a light stick if it works for you.
For me, I can't match power for power, being slight in build and out of shape. So I need to hit the weirdo shots, the short angles, slices, loopy forehands, and teasers to win as many points as possible, but more important, to take a big hitter slightly out of his game so my big shots can start to work against him.
In summation, using a heavy racket against a big hitter is basically grooving him to hit his best shots.
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