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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Nice to hear, let me give you a follow up question , not sure what sport you were doing but this will apply " did you 'believe' during that time that you could make it to the highest level or did you have doubts ? "

Also were if any doubts were cause of your results ?
Honestly, yes. I believed I could one day compete in the Olympics (Oh, the confidence of youth!) I competed in the sport since I was 10 and was always at the top level. I graduated HS top 5 in the state and competed well nationally. I worked hard because I really loved it and had dreams of being the best. Now, I believed this because from age 10 to 20 I continually improved - which is extremely motivating. But, I stopped improving Junior year in college - at 22, after years of training, competition, and hard work (I worked hard in HS as well). It was devastating. Looking back now, I think I simply just hit the top of my capability. Period. I couldn't work my way to better performance any more.

To ad: I think track is a good indicator of this issue, because there aren't a lot of other attributes you can use. You can't out-think opponents. There is no trickery or gamesmanship (besides intimidation, but growing up with 5 older brothers, I was never intimidated). So, hard work can take you far, but you need more than that to be the best.
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