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Best defence? -- must have nothing to do with their defenders, who are wooden. But then they aren't at the same risk of exposure in the Premier Dross...
yes because this makes sense, a team that conceded less goals than anyone two years in a row must be average.

18 clean sheets 2010/2011 (60 scored, 33 conceded) next best Chelsea with 15 clean sheets and same number conceded

17 clean sheets 2011/2012 (93 scored, 29 conceded) next best United 20 clean sheets but 33 conceded (ended up costing them the title) and Everton with 12 clean sheets and 40 conceded.

Also before ****ging off the Premier league remember who are current European champions as well as having 3 of the last 7 European champions and multiple finalist appearances in that span as well -- even Spuds made it to the quarterfinal stage, still up there as best league in the world.

Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
I don't think the defence is as good as it's made out to be, sure. It's certainly not bad, but I think the midfield protect them very well. The likes of Barry, Toure and De Jong last year did a fantastic job, that and Hart being unbeatable at times.

I don't think Clichy is that great, Zabaleta, Richards and Lescott are ok. Kompany is a great player who's struggling this year. I'm sure they will get it together in the end.
De Jong barely played last year and Yaya is lazy when it comes to tracking back. Scoring 93 and conceding 29 shows the defenders must have had something to do with it. Also I'd take Richards and Clichy over any other full backs in the league though Micah's constant injuries are a concern.
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