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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Now that we have the answer to those problems how in life do either problems help 99% of the US population ?

Really would like a detailed answe thanx will be waiting .
Ah, the old "how am I ever going to use this in real life" question. You see, learning complex math concepts isn't just meant to be used practically, although plenty of people do (without engineers life would be quite a bit different for all of us) but it's "learning to help us learn".

An analogy that hits home: why teach a tennis player boxing? You're trying to develop certain attributes that will be applicable to tennis, right? Same with complex math, physics, science, literature, etc, but instead of developing your body, your developing your brain. You apply that problem solving ability and knowledge to other areas. People are always looking for a direct practical use for everything. It's like cross-training for our brains. We don't just learn one thing, we learn many.
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