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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
I had a meniscus knee injury in 1999.

I happen to ask my Dr about knee wraps, the the type that don't have substantial structural elements.

He is a well-know orthopedic teaching specialist. He said that the issue of knee wraps often comes up at weekly meetings at the medical school (or hospital?).

He said that they are all agreed that there is one benefit - it helps the knee in warming up and keeping warm.

On other benefits, there was not much settled.

A more serious knee brace such as a prescription custom-fit Don Joy brace can limit how far the knee can extend or maybe limit other motion. It has a heavy metal hinge that limits knee extension. After my knee operation, I wore one for a few years to stop - as I understood it - the leg below the knee from going forward or the knee from hyperextending because my Dr was unsure of how tight my ACL was. It was comfortable and not restricting to movement. My knee is OK now.

A friend with arthritis has two heavier duty wrap types with Velcro tighteners and maybe some stiffeners of some kind. He likes them a lot.

There are two other proven benefits of such a device:

1- Reminding you during play that you have a bum knee and to subconsciously take it easy

2- Get sympathy points from generous opposition
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