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Originally Posted by Breaker View Post
De Jong barely played last year and Yaya is lazy when it comes to tracking back. Scoring 93 and conceding 29 shows the defenders must have had something to do with it. Also I'd take Richards and Clichy over any other full backs in the league though Micah's constant injuries are a concern.
He played 36 games, whenever I saw him play he did a good job of protecting the defence I thought. I think the whole team do in general, right from the front with Tevez chasing around, the two holding players, Toure is a tough man to get past, and even harder to get the ball off.

I think the way they counter attack also helps the defence, when the opposition are worried about Tevez, Aguero, Silva, Nasri, Toure etc.. that's a help.

As I said though, the defence is still pretty good. Defending seems to be more about what the rest of the team do these days, over individuals. You see Barcelona playing with sweepers almost, Busquets and Mascherano are in there alot of the time. Spain do something similar and look to defend by not letting the opponents see any of the ball. Then you have Chelsea who won the Champions League with 10 players all fighting to defend as a team.

Man to man and individual battles, where you saw defenders going one on one with a forward are alot rarer.
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