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Honestly, yes. I believed I could one day compete in the Olympics (Oh, the confidence of youth!) I competed in the sport since I was 10 and was always at the top level. I graduated HS top 5 in the state and competed well nationally. I worked hard because I really loved it and had dreams of being the best. Now, I believed this because from age 10 to 20 I continually improved - which is extremely motivating. But, I stopped improving Junior year in college - at 22, after years of training, competition, and hard work (I worked hard in HS as well). It was devastating. Looking back now, I think I simply just hit the top of my capability. Period. I couldn't work my way to better performance any more.

To ad: I think track is a good indicator of this issue, because there aren't a lot of other attributes you can use. You can't out-think opponents. There is no trickery or gamesmanship (besides intimidation, but growing up with 5 older brothers, I was never intimidated). So, hard work can take you far, but you need more than that to be the best.
I have mentioned Ray Brown before he works with us from time to time and watching him run was the first time I had ever been up close to and Olympic level runner and what beauty it was to watch him run with DB , the guy was smooth as silk .

If you were heading towards that ,then that's impressive , I talked with Ray he told me his time out of the blocks was 3.9 which is crazy but knowing Ray was running the times he ran and still missed the cut is crazy. He has cleaned the boy up quite a bit ,still more to go trust me but that's for your words and insights .

If your ever in Ca and are physically there to train on speed we are allways open to all advice to continue to improve , No substitute for speed .
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