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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
on your forehand your stance is way too closed for your grip. more open stance and more weight bias to right foot. only slightly close the stance to neutral and do full weight shift to the left leg for very aggressive high contact point shots.
Originally Posted by TheCheese View Post
Try and finish your shot before recovering.

You're also pretty stiff and it's making your lose power, but I feel like changing this now might mess with your stroke. If you have to play matches for the team, maybe don't mess with it until after the season.

BH looks good but you're pretty stiff with the wrists on that shot as well. It seems to limit your topspin, making you hit pretty flat.
Season doesn't start until the end of January so I think that's enough time to tweak my strokes a bit.

Originally Posted by effortless View Post
The most important thing i noticed was that you hit the ball quite close to your body. This maybe makes your forehand easier to hit giving you more consistency, but you will never have a huge forehand hitting it that way. You should try to hit the ball further away from your body if you want more power.
Thanks to everyone for the help.
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