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Originally Posted by BTURNER View Post
Kiki is right of course, for me its utterly astonishing to think Hana had Evert's baseline 'craft. Her baseline game could not be more different. It was intuitive, inspired and sometimes impulsive, but there was none of the clinical and tactical frame of mind Chris had. The strokes were different, the thought process was different, the goals during the rally were different. Polar opposites in every respect.
Chris was a master chess player who thought 4 shots ahead in order to open up the court or wear the opponent down. You might be wrong footed or beaten with an angle. You also may suffer the death of a thousand cuts. No one was her equal at what she did.

Hana's baseline game was largely centered on getting the opponent to reach or stretch so that she had to take her eye off of Hana. Most any baseline shot she hit might at the last moment be used to approach the net which might be good for Hana or be bad. It's all about what her instincts told her to do.

I always thought Martina's ground game was about moving an opponent over to one side so that she could come forward and cut off the percentage angle.
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