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Do the crime, do the time.

All of these lance conspiracy theory/woe is me posts are just a crock. Dude made hundreds of millions all based upon a LIE.

You sound just like lance: he says he gained no unfair advantage: he shouldn't be punished since everyone else cheated too.

This clown is talking out of both sides of his mouth: he says he never failed a test, but then says he gained "no unfair advantage."

He's made hundreds of millions of dollars, but finds it "difficult" when his cheating is exposed.

Too. F'ing. Bad.

It's time for lance and his apologist fanboys to finally put on their big boy pants and own up to the truth.

Originally Posted by JoelDali View Post
It's sad that Lance is getting all this heat after thinking about it objectively.

Athletes have been doping in every major sport for years.

Do you think female bodybuilders get man chins from lifting weights? How do they compete in sanctioned events? Someone poast a pic to prove my point.

I'm starting to think Lance is being unfairly vilianized knowing full well there are thousands of pro NFL and MLB players that have gotten away with it for years and no one really cares.

I just LOL at Lance for denying it all these years. It's just a joke now. But it's unfair knowing its pretty rampant in all sports.

He still sorta seems slimey but something seems fishy about the while thing. I hope more whistleblowers step forward in other sports.
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