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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
While some think Evert game to be boring and predictable some of us love the way she played chess with a racket and what great craftmanship involved.The only other woman that played like that was Martina Hingis
I supose we can name it "inteligence"
I agree. Her court craft was exemplary. There have been been few to match her in this area. What I find particularly admirable is that she rarely seemed hurried. And yes Hingis was possibly the last of the top ranked players to use all the court. Personally I find most women's matches a slug fest bore, although the Italians can be a joy to watch, they normally get steamrollered at some point in a tournament. That said, I do like bartoli as she's such an original.
Shes the most competitive athlete Ive ever played against, without any question.-BJK on Evert, 1987
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