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Originally Posted by rd0707 View Post
I don't understand. How do you tube it?
Put a 1" section of Teflon tubing on the string when stringing around the section where it is breaking. Prince rackets are make so the string pivots when it deflect is on the outside edge of the frame unlike a normal racket that has grommets. Putting a short section of tubing on the string will protect the abrasion of the string by the frame. When you string those rackets also pay particular attention to the grommets in the throat they have a tendency to cause problems when the string cuts through them also.

EDIT: You could use nylon tubing it is lower priced but Teflon is more pliable. Don't make the tubing so long it protrudes past the inside edge of the frame but it must be long enough to bend around all points where the string contacts the frame.
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