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I really like TCF. The only problem i had with him was when he attacked a friend of mine on a personal level. Its one thing to talk bad about someones coaching ability but keep the personal attacks out of it. People dont realize that very hurtful things that people post here can be seen when someone googles that persons name. What if that persons child googles their fathers name and sees some of the personal attacks people post. I LOVE THIS BOARD!!! I have always tried to help people on this journey as well as learn from my fellow posters. I feel that i have alot to offer because i was a top junior as well as a top 15 nationally ranked collegiate player. I have coached for some of the best coaches in America(Nick B,Manny D,Craig J,and many others). All i asked TCF to do was to remove something personal he said about my daughters coach and he refused. I just dont think it is appropriate to post personal things on this site that can be seen by the whole world. If you think someone is a bad coach or a money making scheme its o.k but PLEASE dont attack someones family on here for the world to see. Remember that things you say can be seen by someones children and i just dont think its appropriate. I appreciate the moderators for removing those comments that were posted. TCF i look at you as someone i like to talk with daily about junior tennis. I hope you come back because you really do have some very good information to offer. I promise i will quit posting so much about my daughters coach its just exciting to be a part of the next wave of future WTA stars in the making. If we keep personal attacks off this board it will be a very useful tool for parents who are all going thru the same thing.I have always been someone who can forgive and forget.
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