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Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
That is not unlawful, dude. I got hit in the eye one time and had to rush into the emergency room. Lucky me, it was only scratched cornea. but it could have been far worse. That crazy sob went head hunting for no reason. I should have filed charges but didn't. I regret that i didn't file charges.
and i don't care if there is lawsuit. There is NO jury in the world that will side with psycho like that.

Life lesson is Don't ever go headhunting.
Shouldn't you have seen it coming? I mean, you are Nostradamus....

Guy went head-hunting for no reason? Sounds like just one half of the story.... and I'd be fairly confident that in a court of law an injury that occured from getting hit by a ball during a tennis match has a pretty good chance of being dismissed outright, or found not guilty by a jury (again depending upon what happened before and after).

It's a tennis match. He hit a legitimate shot. You got hurt. Getting hit by a tennis ball is not an unusual occurence in a tennis match. What, are you gonna claim premeditated intent? Prove it.
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