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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
Dan and BobbyOne,

Let's try to be logical about the head to head of Rosewall against Hoad on clay. Dan, what is your head to head records on clay of the two and what is your head to head records in total?

BobbyOne, same questions.

The reason I ask this is because we have to see if the percentage that either one of you have of the two playing on clay is reasonable or not.
pc1, I have not counted the claycourt matches. As amateurs Hoad seems to have the edge even though some people wrote that Rosewall was stronger on clay.

1957 Hoad could be 6:3. In 1958 Rosewall lead 6:1 on clay.

In the 1960s Rosewall has probably the edge as he won the huge majority of all Hoad/Rosewall matches.

All surfaces I have Rosewall 83:59 against Hoad

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