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Originally Posted by PED View Post
I agree to a point, the bottom half of the table is likely worse but the competition for the CL spots is tougher than ever.
Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
Competition is intense for the CL spots -- I agree with you. But my feeling is that the quality has dropped overall. I am not sure that the increased competition for those spots reflects anything more than a decline in quality among the four leading teams.
My view is that the quality overall through the league is slightly higher. At the very bottom there will always be an abysmal team or two. I think the main increase in quality is within the mid-table sides, who play better football, and can be more competitive than they were 10 years ago. I agree that the increased competition for 4th place is more a reflection of the drop in relative standard of a few of the 'big' teams. At the very top, based on the flow of the league, I would have said that the quality hasn't fallen, but I suppose many results in Europe over the past couple of seasons have started to question that.

It's interesting, though, how the relative competitiveness of leagues in Europe gradually undulate up and down over time: how in the early PL days it was evident we were tactically behind the Italians and Germans, then Spain rose to prominence along with England, while Italy fell away a little then returned, and compared to the last decade it has just started to look a little that the English clubs were stuttering a bit (obviously Chelsea won, but there has been none of the sense of English domination of late, as opposed to several examples of technical and tactical outclassings).

Originally Posted by PED View Post
The tax issue probably stopped alot of players from coming over here but isn't Spain phasing out their top tax loop hole for big earners? That could change things as well.
Yeah - that is happening in Spain, but Real and Barca are so far ahead financially of all the competition in Europe (obviously due to rigging the domestic system in favour of promoting two national heavyweights, at the expense of the rest) that they won't struggle to pay top wages.

In terms of international competitiveness in the transfer market, the combination of the impending tax rises for Spanish clubs to absorb, coupled with the PL's new TV deal will reinforce the PL's ability to attract top talent over the coming years. Obviously the top clubs around the world financed by benefactors will continue to spend huge amounts, but the average PL team should ever increasingly be able to bring in better talent than the average Spanish or Italian side.

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