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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
Shouldn't you have seen it coming? I mean, you are Nostradamus....

...It's a tennis match. He hit a legitimate shot. You got hurt. Getting hit by a tennis ball is not an unusual occurence in a tennis match. What, are you gonna claim premeditated intent? Prove it.
That's what I've always thought too, he is Nostradamus!

The worst eye injury I've had was self-inflicted but with extenuating circumstances Your Honor. It was the first point in a match, I was not fully awake yet and doing what a "teaching-pro" had just taken my hard earned money and taught me to do--play tight to the net. That is walk up to the net, smack it and stand there with the words "YOURS" on the tip of my tongue. So I'm standing there, in a quasi-nocturnal state and the moron receiver returns it as hard as he could right at me. The ball glances off my racket and pops me in the eye real good--WHO DO I SUE?. I paused briefly, put some ice on it checked to see if I could still see out of it and kept playing. Next day it still hurt and was really blood shot, so I went to my trusted behavioral eye doc, who plays pretty good tennis himself to get it checked out. His verdict was no permanent damage, carry-on. I did learn this: PAY ATTENTION ESPECIALLY ON THE VERY FIRST POINT OF A MATCH!

This reminds me of when I stupidly did this against Meredith McGrath in a pro-am. She did kinda' say "whew" but fortunately she's probably used to club players acting like morons in pro-ams and did not take offense. I apologize Meredith and promise never to do anything like that again--unless I'm head-hunting because the clown on the other side has ****ed me off. Meredith McGrath is quite beautiful and obviously very understanding and forgiving of moron club players, like me back then--and me maybe later today.
"...the human emotional system was not designed to endure the mental rigors of a tennis match." Dr. Allen Fox

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