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Default Leather wasn't for me, just switched back

I have always prefered the feel of a leather grip under and overgrip and in the past it has suited the rackets I have used in terms of their pre-leather weight and balance.

However, I tried one on my Bio 300 and it just did not feel right. I don't know why and I can't really out my finger on what it was, but it just seemed like the racket didnt have the balance it was supposed to have.

I have therefore switched back and it feels so much better. I know these things are always very personal but it is nice when a racket is just right in its stock form...more or less. I say more or less because I refrained from putting a Gecko Tac on, theyre just too tacky.

But fortunately in the UK Dunlop make a replacement grip called the Biomimetic Tour. Its very similar to the Hydramax Tour but very slightly tackier, so now my racket is fully Bio

Has anyone else felt the need to switch away from leather and back to synthetic? If so, what synthetic do you use?
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