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Originally Posted by jrxl View Post
Nope. For you to "start in the wrong spot", you would have to be off one hole... which would mean the string would pull right through the O-ports. The O-ports design makes it impossible to be off one hole. So no need to worry, if your crosses are in, it will always lead to the right tie off.
So basically wherever I start it will always be "right". That is what I thought. Of course, I might have to do 8 crosses on 1 side and then 10 on the other side, which I would like to call the 44.4/55.5 method (patent pending).

Originally Posted by bugeyed View Post
If you don't start your crosses at the right spot, you will run into trouble when you get to the O ports. O ports are not symmetrical & the crosses must start on the proper side to to match to O port pattern.

P.S. If you start the crosses properly in the middle of the racquet (50/50) , you will always end up at the correct side to tie off. Always!
What I'm getting at is what if I start one cross off. Then it should still work but not technically be 50/50.
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