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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
So basically wherever I start it will always be "right". That is what I thought. Of course, I might have to do 8 crosses on 1 side and then 10 on the other side, which I would like to call the 44.4/55.5 method (patent pending).

What I'm getting at is what if I start one cross off. Then it should still work but not technically be 50/50.
Technically you are right. prince makes where to start your crosses so you will be able to get the strings right in the side O ports. If there are no side O ports it doesn't matter. if you have your short side on the wrong side no problem run in the top cross with the short side and you are good to go.

Using the 2 piece 50/50 method you want to start on the two strings above and below the pivot point of the turn-table. The way the first two string will lay in the correct side of the first O port without any additional help or tool. Maybe it should be called a Top & Bottom method.
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