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Originally Posted by Say Chi Sin Lo View Post
I don't know where you're going to find a deal like that, but if you do, spread the word!

To me, double the cost isn't worth it. I string my own frames so I end up saving a lot of "batched" sets.
Actually, I guess it's more like extra $10 for better gut like Klip or Pacific, which is still to me maybe worth the price if it means no breakage on the stringer while stringing. What do you string your gut/poly blend at?

I tried the NXT/Durablast blend that I mentioned earlier, strung at 50/52 and it felt like a board, not even better than a full poly Durablast blend. I probably strung it too tight. I saw that thread where Chris from TW strung his racquet with full poly at 30 lbs and apparently it played great. I can see that, since I have always been a proponent of stringing low for poly, even before I even came to this board, because it just tames the stiffness of the string.

How does co-poly differ from traditional monofilament poly strings? I know there's a difference in feel but what provides that difference in feel?
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