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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
I have mentioned Ray Brown before he works with us from time to time and watching him run was the first time I had ever been up close to and Olympic level runner and what beauty it was to watch him run with DB , the guy was smooth as silk .

If you were heading towards that ,then that's impressive , I talked with Ray he told me his time out of the blocks was 3.9 which is crazy but knowing Ray was running the times he ran and still missed the cut is crazy. He has cleaned the boy up quite a bit ,still more to go trust me but that's for your words and insights .

If your ever in Ca and are physically there to train on speed we are allways open to all advice to continue to improve , No substitute for speed .
While I was good, realistically I was not headed that way. I thought I was, but there is a marked difference in decent college level and world-class level. I got to train with world-class athletes as they are prevalent in college track, so I experienced this close up.

Another analogy to tennis: As a hurdler I was a technician. I worked hard to perfect my technique, which compensated quite a lot for non-world-class speed and size. I could beat many better athletes because of this. BUT, at the top level, EVERY athlete had perfect technique AND world-class size and speed. Some things you can improve, but only to a point. In tennis, I believe you can win a lot of ways and make up for weaknesses, but the top players have it all.
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