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Originally Posted by JohnYandell View Post
I repeat. You have zero credability. Just go back to crashing navy jets.
Just to clear something up here. I got a couple of emails asking about this.

If JY has any credibility on this above, he is making a play on the ole adage that
Navy Jets don't land on carriers, but instead execute controlled crashes to the
deck. Let's just hope that was his meaning, as I've never costs the tax payers
a cent by crashing a jet or helo, but have saved big $$,
by safely returning aircraft with major emergencies. Notice I give him the benefit of the doubt, although
he makes these negative comments on my credibility with the poorly worded attempt above.
I do think the comment is disrespectful to all who have sacrificed greatly to
serve this country, as well as those of us who continue to serve.
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