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Originally Posted by t135 View Post
Duh? You don't produce a stroke with your arm and the racquet only. The stroke starts with your feet pressing on the ground. Momentum isn't "mythical", its simple physics.
The problem I have with the way you've said it is that most players do not come off the ground when they swing. So when I hear stroke, I think of swinging a racket, not jumping into the air. Just swinging a racket will not provide the momentum to go into the air.

So when you say, "Momentum from the stroke takes you off the ground" you really mean: "If you jump or hop as part of your swing, the momentum will take you off the ground." I completely agree with this.

I just think we might want to note that there is a jumping or hopping motion as part of the stroke which is providing the momentum to take someone into the air. For example, a lot of volleyers prefer to hit the volley unweighted (i.e., both feet off the ground at contact). I wouldn't tell them, let the momentum from the volley carry your body into the air. Rather, I'd say something like move forward and do a low hop or running glide into the volley.
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