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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
There's no way Pacific natural gut is softer than Wilson or Babolat natural gut. I tried a couple sets of Pacific and they felt much stiffer than Wilson or Babolat natural gut. Keep in mind I am talking about non BT7 Babolat gut here.

I like Ltec 4s for it's tension maintenance and overall complements VS/Wilson/Prince natural gut mains. Kisrchbaum Evolution is also another good poly cross.
Parasailing - Cool man, thanks for your input, much appreciated! Just a quick note on the stiffness data. In the sortable index there's quite a few variables at play here. Three reference tensions, and three swing speeds. The references I've used are the defacto std here at tw and the usrsa, 62 lbs and fast swing speed. That's way stiffer than anybody should be stringing poly, but that's the hand we are dealt. Gut is so tightly clustered together, with so little measurable dif btwn them in terms of stiffness, that any change in those parameters, has them change places in the ranking order. So for something unique like Pacific Tough Gut for example, depending on the inputs here at TW, you might find it ranking slightly softer than average, and you can also find it ranking as the stiffest, depending upon the test conditions. Also a bit of disparity btwn TW and USRSA. In the latter, the Pacific Tough Gut is ranked as the softest.

Having said all of that, I think we all know the court is the court, and the lab is the lab. I think tour bite plays way stiffer than the numbers would indicate, and BHBR plays way softer than the data would indicate. The idea for me anyways is to just whittle this down to a manageable demo list and start picking em off from there. I just use the lab digits to kick start the demo process.

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