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Originally Posted by Capt. Willie View Post
I haven't hit with one of these in well over 30 years but I always thought they were basically the same....the throat piece just being a marketing gimmick. But I did have a friend back in the day that used the T3000 and claimed it had better control. Personally I hated these things. If I *had* to use a metal racquet I'd go with any number of aluminum models.
I would only use it to play against those who are not as good as I am, so maybe that's why I think it is a nice racquet.

One time i did use it to play against a someone whom i had never played before and he turned out to be a superior player and I got destroyed but he would have destroyed me regardless of what kind of racquet i used. At least, he thought i lost because i used this t2000 racquet
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