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Default An interesting story about ratings

At least I think it is interesting.

My doubles partner is very close to getting bumped from 4.0 to 4.5. Last year he was an early start 4.5 in October but a year end 4.0 in November.

This year we again won our district and went to sectionals ... he is again an early start 4.5 this year ... but this is where the story gets interesting.

On the first Friday of sectionals we split two very tight matches, each going to the 3rd set match tiebreaker. At the end of the day he fainted, fell down had a concussion and spent the night vomiting. He did not play either match on Saturday, but his brother did winning two matches. However, the coordinators got the names switched and entered my partner as having won those two matches in sectionals on the day he did not play.

Then on Sunday in our final match at sectionals my partner decided he was going to play come hell or high water. He played with someone else and was spanked, probably because he was sore and woozy .... however the coordinator did not enter any of the match results from Sunday ... I think because the champion had already been decided.

So the summary is that my partner who is very close to getting the bump is getting credit for two wins at sectionals he did not play and in the match he was spanked he is not getting the "ratings harm" he would get.

From what I think I know about USTA ratings ... these matches at sectionals carry a lot of weight in his year end rating ... which in this circumstance would cause his rating to be inflated. Particularly troubling is that for someone very close to the line this certainly could push someone up or down.

What is surprising (or perhaps not) is that 5 e-mails to the section coordinator to have the issue resolved have gone unanswered.
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