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My uncle had pictures of all the planes he crashed, and walked away from in WW II. Planes in the dirt, in the sand, in the trees, riddled with bullets, and flame, and nothing seemingly wrong with them outwardly other than collapsed wheel housing. My father spent the war in an iron lung, TB, coughing his lungs out for days on end..... My other uncle lost his eye in a tank battle in France with the Nazis who then moved to Argentina. Although tennis is symbolic war, as is every sport, maybe a reason that wars between larger nations are not happening anymore. Endorphins upon the arena are medicine for those who wield the missiles/tanks/ships. I can't say that tennis has stopped me from killing anyone, but it has delayed me from doing so! Wife and customer anger has caused me to "kill" many a practice partner.

For all those posters who wage "war" against each other here, I say time heals all wounds, even those at Normandy... Saw some graffiti on the grave of an American there, and it said, in French, "Take your trash home." Now that's a fellow I'd like to meet and hit him with a tennis racquet or two.. Maybe we should have stayed out of it and let France speak German. Only, it would not have been just France. It would have been Norway, and Sweden, and England, and Luxembourg, and Poland, and etc. I find it strange, that anyone in France, would feel that way about Americans, when my own family bled for them, and didn't have to.

Seems to be an awful lack of gratitude in the world in general. Especially for those who actually do help us improve our games on this site. I'd say, "Thank you.", is more in order for many than the usual disrespectful argument. Yandell is one of those. So, thanks Johh, for helping me.

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