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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Well i think I'm making the switch. It was a nice run with the yys, but i do play better with the blade. Hit for a while tonight with my friend and he verified that i just hit a lot heavier and with more pace and spin off both sides compared to the yonex.I already found a great setup as well in the cyclone mains and nvy crosses..ill try black magic mains tonight since i broke 4 gut mains today at once. They lasted about 7 hours. The poly setup is going on strong at 10 and plays great in this stick.

Also am finding the comfort level very high.

One thing i like about this lighter stick is now and then i will go full western on high bouncers, meet the ball way out in front, and it just clubs the ball.

I definitely think the heavy ball comes from technique, high racquet speed and swingweight. That is the formula. The static weight does not seem to be as much of a factor.
Good to hear PP!

I think I'm going to stick with the Blade as well. I used the sexy new Black Prestige this morning, and as much as I absolutely LOVED the paintjob, I couldn't justify buying it. My Blades served/returned/hit better for my game. The Prestige just felt so super sluggish, no real reason why it would compared to the Blade, but I just couldn't get any pop whatsoever.

Switched back to the Blade mid practice, and my shots were back to normal. Big serves and clean returns!

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