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Jack if you can handle the head extreme at 333, the blade will not be an issue. Honestly, if they lower the sw, i will be very very disapointed. I love these higher sw, lower static weight sticks. Both of mine are 331 and it is a perfect blend of power and control. I think it is a great racquet if you love the apd, but want the solid feel of a players stick and more control and flex. Ill definitley demo the open pattern, but i think i see myself staying with the 18x20 due to the feel and the control. I am able to really go after the ball on approaches and put it away with a lot of confidence, and i get more 1-2 finishes off my serve now.

The funny thing is that according to my friend, the ball has a lot more kick to it, and is tougher to deal with than when i use heavier open pattern sticks..i think it is the combo of faster head speed and that swingweight. I think if you saw my game you would probably imagine id play better with an open pattern, but for some reason i hit bigger shots with the closed.

Fuji i definitiey think the blade is a winner. How did the feel compare to the legendary prestige?
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