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jamesblakefan#1;6977342]Yeah but Woz's fall was expected. I think everyone could've seen it coming given her weak slam results even last year. Kvitova had higher expectations for 2012 and fell well short of them.
Yes, Kvitova did not do as well as predicted in 2012 but she was injured or ill a lot this year and also she probably had trouble trying to get used to all of the attention put on her after winning Wimbledon. I think she will get back on track or at least I sure hope so as I am a fan of her game.

I think Vika deserves some mention for her improvement though. Even though it wasn't as drastic as those listed in the poll, she still took that big step from being a perennial slam QF/SF loser to being a slam winner and coming close to knocking down Serena at the USO, as well as finishing YE #1.
Yes, true. I am not a big Azarenka fan but she deserves respect for her consistent year and her ability to fight Serena probably better than any other player in the past few matches they have played. Her fight against Serena at the USO impressed me.
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