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Its in general a problem to reconstruct, which events on the old pro tour were on clay. The Brits called all outdoor courts outside lawn tennis hard courts. In McCauleys book no surfaces are given. Geneva was a clay court, i have seen programs of the event, which was played in a club. Kitzbuhl was clay too, the Belgian and Dutch events at the sea, too. In France, not all events were clay, Cannes for instance was played in a Palais du sport indoors. On the Italian tour, clay and indoor events took place, its hard to tell which were clay. I have seen films of the Cannes indoor play, which was played on a linol underground.
For South Africa i would assume hard courts. Certainly the main Johannesburg event was on hard court at Ellis Park. For the US, some Florida and California events could be clay events. In Hollywood, Florida, a clay event took place. Following my information, the Oklahoma event was played on clay.

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