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She was never ranked number one was she? Her highest ranking was number 2 I thought? It is true that Kvitova stagnated this year compared to 2011 but Wozniacki's fall was greater from number one to number 11!
Wozniacki's year end #1 in 2011 was the most farcial in history so it is easy to disregard. Kvitova was the real and far away #1 last year and everyone knows it (and I am no Petra fan btw). I would say her fall was greater as she went from the closest thing the game had to a dominant player (her 2011 was light years greater in achievement than anyone else) to the World #6 this year. Wozniacki went from someone most basically regarded as the World #4 or #5 to the World #11, not as big a deal IMHO.
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