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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
That's a good place to start if your arm can take it. Dead poly hurts my arm even if it's just a cross string, which is why my goto setup right now is full natural gut (Klip Legend) at about 60 pounds.
Originally Posted by jwbarrientos View Post
Did I say no complain? Holy crap one handle broke suddenly
Originally Posted by Fusker View Post
I use Lux Alu at 55 lb with Babolat N.VY at 57. That's the setup that works optimally for me, and the nice thing with the Ki5 is you can run tighter setups (if that's your preference) without fear of elbow pain.
Originally Posted by KenC View Post
I usually use TF XR1 16g in a full bed at 24kg. Nothing exciting, just a basic multi and rather comfy. I used Bab XCel Black 16g twice and it was very comfy but too expensive for a string breaker. At the moment I am on my third string job with Prince Premiere Attack Black 16 at 24kg and am liking the string. Although it is a multi, it seems to feel and play almost like a co-poly. Not as comfy as XCel or XR1 but good enough with this frame.
Seems like the Ki5 is gathering momentum! Thanks for the suggestions. Gut/ poly in The Ki5 will definitely be softer than the full poly I was playing in the PD so should be ok as my TE is not at the chronic stage as it was before but I can feel the beginnings of a problem on the horizon. Slightly concerned about the cracking comment, lets hope it's just a one off.

Will start with gut/poly and see how my elbow reacts then go from there.
Prince Response 97 with gut/poly@54/50
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