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The only thing I can say is that people seem to forget how dynamic NTRP ranges are especially under the 4.0 level. Once you get to 4.0/8.0 players start to more or less even out. It's the sub-4.0 level play that has a broad dynamic of players and/or abilities.

If you look at the 3.0 Caribbean team (who are all 3.0 computer rated players) you can see that they are well ahead of the other teams even at the national level.

Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Apples to apples, please.
The topic of this conversation is hitting at the net player in doubles and now we've taken a tangent and are now assuming that the weaker player is at the net and that the stronger player is hitting at the weaker player.

We're also talking about adult mixed doubles.

Adult league mixed doubles literally has the largest range of people and abilities than any other USTA league.

You arnt going to see a 3.5 super senior at nationals, but this player will be playing during the regular season and maybe may make a playoff occasionally. During the regular season this person could very well be up against a person half their age with twice their power and ability.

At the national level skills will tend to be closer, obviously, but during the regular season these players will have to play each other. During the regular season, it is "apples to apples" if I say that a nationals level player will play against a "never made a playoff". If both these players are the same NTRP, its even "red" apples to "red" apples.
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