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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post
Dan, I did not see Poertschach 1963. Then I did not know about Rosewall and Hoad. I only knew amateurs. Yes, it was on clay.

I believe The Hague and Cairo tournaments were part of the tour and should not be counted twice.

Rosewall was clearly stronger than Hoad from 1961 onward. Therefore he probably dominated him also on clay those years (1961 to 1964).

The 1957 South African matches have probably been played on hard court.
The Hague and Cairo tournaments were actual TOURNAMENTS outside the European tour, and, of course, Cairo is not in Europe at all.
The South African version of "hardcourt" was, like the Australian, a type of dark shale clay, so this would count as clay.
It still looks like an edge for Hoad lifetime on clay against Rosewall, especially as we have to exclude the two Cannes wins, which were not on clay.
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