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Originally Posted by JAY1 View Post
What did Connors say?
Ohˇˇ.That happened after the controversial Champions Dance at the 1981 Wimbledon that both, Mac and Evert had recently won.As you know, that is a tradition that Mac broke for the first time in history since he left London en route home just after his final was over ( he had had tremendous fights with journalists and even journalists staretd pumping each other, divided in pro Mac and agaisnt Mac)

Well, Mac skipped that party and Chris took the microphone and started her speech..." and I would like to talk on John´s behalf, but unfortunately I just don´t have his vocabulary"...big applause...

next day some journalists mentioned that to Connors and he, right at the spot, does.."I´ve been on court with Chris enough times to knoe she can match vocabularies with John anytime"...

Chris Evert had been long time fiancee with Jimmy Connors.John Mc Enroe was considered to be his worst enemy...
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