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At the end, only the top 15-20 players win the big events thus the rest of the field, be it wide or not doesnīt much matter.

If you take that into account, the fields Laver had to face consisted of some of the best ever players, in a reasonably much larger number than those of Roger Federer.This also happens in the case of Pete Sampras ( not in Borgīs case, IMO, a guy that linked Rosewall with Lendl).

Of course, having said that, nobody can chose his/her fields and, of course, nobody can blame him/herself for the year they are born.Itīs not Federerīs fault to play in a weak era and not Rodīs merit to play in a competitive era at the top 15-20.What is a merit or not is what they did and we must always weighten and relativize success - or lack of it-.
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