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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
I believe he's trying to write that it is wrong to admire Federer as the default choice for GOAT. And I do agree with him there. I don't think Federer is a slamdunk for GOAT but only one of the players who can be considered as a possibility.

Give BobbyOne this, he admires Rosewall but considers Laver every bit as good as Rosewall.

My opinion is that there are several players who are in consideration for GOAT status and I often change my mind depending on the information at hand.
BobbyOne only admire players during Laver's era, but none for the modern players.

Who said a goat has to be a slam dunk? If millions of fans all picked the same player as the greatest, then I would say that's a slam dunk. But for all time great(i.e. Jordan, Phelps, Gretzky), there are a few out there have different point of view, just like Federer doesn't have EVERY fans pick him. When experts determined the list of all time great, the #1 player on the list doesn't necessary means he got all first place votes imo.
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