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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
LOL. People will go to any length to defend Laver even with such irrelevant argument. That's like asking where are the great ninja warriors now when there were many in the 15th century. Life was different today from few centuries ago...people have different needs, interest, desire. Next thing you will compare stone tool maker today to the people during the stone age.

THis has nothing to do with tennis, so stick to the topic.

Again, this is pointless. Beethoven was in the 16th century. Had he live in the modern time, he wouldn't be where he is. Just like Michael Jackson, he wouldn't be the king of pop if he was born 400 years ago.

Jesse Owen is one of the most well known track and field athlete. Yet, today there's many athletes that are faster than him.

You guys are running out of idea to argue.
You know not much about Beethoven. He lived in the 18th and 19th century.

Jesse Owens would match the modern athletes if he would have the same equipment.
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