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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
The C10 Pro has a similar lively response, but I have found simply going higher in tension solves the issue. I've not tried dropping very low in tension to see if that also solves the problem which may seem somewhat ironic since I did the whole low tension experiment, but I have been using the C10 Pro a lot during string testing where it is important I test the string at a more popular tension range.

Chris, TW
Hey Chris, Any chance of talking you into trying the C10 at a low tension....say 35lbs or so? I'd just like to see your findings on this racquet strung like that.

Originally Posted by mrmike View Post
For me, the C10 pro is one of the most perfect weight and balance setups in stock form. Don't feel like it needs customization for optimal performance. There aren't many racquets around like that any more.
I have leather grips on mine (I guess that would fall under customization) which makes it slightly more head light and a bit heavier. But my main reason is that I just prefer the feel of leather with a Tourna Grip overgrip.
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