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Originally Posted by klementine79 View Post
^Waiting for a sig change in 3....2....1...... Good stuff. 4 mains! At once! Well, it is gut but damn....

I got a guilty pleasure sitting upstairs, in a bag, underneath the bed. The PS90.

Hopefully my wife will confuse it for the 6.1 team (in time) I got and not give me any $h!t. The racquets can't occupy the same time and the same space, or else.
My guilty pleasure, a Juice 100, is in a bag by the computer upstairs, and there's a space in there for the next guilty pleasure that's going to be joining it immanently, a PD 2012 (I know, I know - I recently said the APD was definitely the better fit for me, but, what the heck - LOL!) Haven't had the chance to hit with them yet klem, but November should see some interesting diary updates. Also going to check out some new string set ups. I'm a happy 'holic.
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