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Originally Posted by Rozroz View Post
that's all?? more more more!
Nastase calling his doubles mate Ashe Negroni at a press conference - and then painting his face black so to wear same equipment as his mate-?
Lendl ad Mac always kicking each other at the locker room after an exo in Italy?
Nastase being prosecuted by graebner whom he had just called anemaal or something like that?
Borg,Mac and Gerulaitis doing coke togerther at the same italian exo, just a few years before that incident?
Connors pointing and threatening Mac at the Chicaho exo? at Suntory?
"Next time Ill bring in my 2 yrs old kid who has better manners than you" (Connors to Mc Enroe afteri their 1980 Wimbledon semifinal.
Vilas,Mac and Vitas organizing a rock and roll tennis band where Cashd join in later on?
Connors and Nastase many many funny moments when they played doubles together?

oh I am sure Ill remember of a few more, those are just off my hat, without too much thinking.
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